12 Prestigious Coding Competitions for Kids: Playgroup to 8th Grade

  1. Practical hands-on knowledge of coding that helps in job interviews.
  2. Teaches kids the skills to think on their feet and calculate every move.
  3. Allows kids to repeatedly practice the basics of coding.
  4. Just like any competition, it builds character and kids learn to deal with failure.
  5. Promotes teamwork and collaboration between like-minded individuals.

Coding Competitions for Kids Aged 7 and up (Elementary School)

  1. CodeChef

Coding Competitions for Kids Aged 10 and up (Grades 5 and Above)

  1. Google code to learn

Coding Competitions for Kids Aged 12 and up (Middle and High School)

  1. International Olympiad in informatics


For a person to become proficient in his field, practice is required. That is why these coding competitions are something your kid must participate in. It allows kids to refine their coding skills and work out all the kinks early on in their coding journey.



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