Games in Scratch: Catch the Mouse

There are many games in Scratch coding that you kids can develop. But, Catch the mouse, a simple yet interesting game for beginners on scratch programming. This game depicts the never-ending rivalry between cat and mouse.


So, our overall game looks like this;

A Game Plane for Cat and Mouse

Let’s quickly jot down our key requirements for the catch the mouse game.

  • Create or select backdrop
  • Create or select cat from sprite library
  • Select mouse from library
  • Create cheese or select any food of your choice.
  • Create you win sprite
  • Create Game over the sprite
  • Create variables of life and score.

Selecting a backdrop

Choose a simple and plain backdrop from the library or create your own from built-in paint on scratch. Here I am creating my own plain background. Click on the paintbrush and start creating.

Creating Sprites

Let’s create all of our required sprites at once by clicking on the paintbrush then we will proceed to code.

Making of cat

I have made by own cat simply by joining two circles and ears by joining two lines or you may select from the library.

Selecting Mouse

Select a mouse from the sprite library.

Making Cheese

Again click on paint and draw triangle cheese or select any food from the sprite library. I have made my own cheese.

You Win

Make You Win sprite by clicking on paint, select text, and write You Win.

Game Over

Make Game Over sprite by clicking on paint, select text, and write Game Over.

Making Variable

Go to data & blocks. Create variables of life and score by clicking on create variables and name them as life and score.

CODING for Developing Games in Scratch

Let’s start putting lives to our spirits.

Code the Cat

We want our cat to start from a specific point and keep on chasing the mouse throughout the game whenever the green flag is clicked.

Code the Mouse

We want our mouse to run away from cat in the direction of our mouse pointer.

Coding the Cheese

We want cheese (food) to be hidden initially and show up after 1 second. Once showed, if the mouse touches the cheese it will hide for 1 second and keep on appearing at random stage points always.

Cheese Sprite 2

Cheese sprite 3

Cheese Sprite 4

Coding for Variable

We will set life as 3 at the start of the game and Score as zero whenever the game starts.

Variable of life

Life should change by negative one whenever the cat touches the mouse.

Variable of Score

The score should change by a positive 1 whenever mouse sprite touches cheese sprites.


You win should appear as the score is equal to 10 otherwise it should remain hidden.


Game Over should appear as the life is equal to 0 otherwise it should remain hidden.

COMPLETE CODING to Develop Catch the Mouse Games in Scratch



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