How To Prepare Your Kids To Win Future Jobs

Getting your kid to face the future right in the eye is the biggest responsibility of every parent. In a world dominated by competition and a volatile job market, how can you prepare your kid fearless and face the world? Here are 5 things you as a parent should focus on and build in your child that will be their arsenal to face the future.

What Does The Market Expect From Your Kids?

It took centuries for the industrial revolution but only a few decades for the computer revolution. Everybody knows the power of Artificial intelligence and robots and their role in the days to come. Data entry and certain roles in the marketing and logistics department are being taken over by robotics. You should introduce your kid to new and stable career options. If you are not sure about the future job market, visit this website to check out if the job is under attack by robots. Not all jobs can be taken over in the name of automation and the following domains seem promising for your kids:

  1. Python, a simple yet powerful language, will replace many primitive languages in the future in the fields of scientific computing, machine learning, and software development. The scope of Python for kids is huge and is ranked second by StackOverflow.
  2. Mathematics being the foundational knowledge, will still exist and be a prerequisite part of high school education.
  3. Every high paying job does not only need technically skilled candidates but also those who are emotionally competent as well. That means public relations and management still looks bright.
  4. McKinsey’s skill model predicts that jobs that need technological and cognitive skills will increase by 69% by 2030.

The Highly Sought After Jobs Of The Future

Thanks to the worldwide lockdown, companies realized where they fall short and started to make a deep self-assessment. The change also spread to households where parents started to question the quality of their kid’s education with most of them not having a good feeling about it.

This leads to one question.

What jobs are expected to pave your kid to a successful career?

Well, after deep assessment here are the facts of the market’s top jobs.

  1. The World Economic Forum puts skills of Big Data, IoT, cloud, and Artificial Intelligence as the chief drivers of change in the job market.
  2. Studies show a shrink in the organization size, decentralized command which makes interpersonal and social skills for kids highly necessary to collaborate.
  3. A study from ManpowerGroup states 61% of companies prefer social skills, the ability to communicate and collaborate in a team, and emotional competence as a key factor in hiring a candidate.
  4. The product development sector is open with tons of job opportunities and attracts kids who want to develop solutions and not work on an existing product.
  5. Most medical fields are nowhere near to getting automated. Roles of Audiologists, dentists, and recreational therapists need actual people and are also offered great compensation.

4 Steps To Help Your Kids Gear Up For The Future

Now you understand how volatile the job market is, it is time to set things straight. Follow this 4 step process to help them build a 360-degree approach to their career.

Utilize the resources at home

Schools will be great if they make the transition from their age-old curriculum to a more advanced approach. But is school the only place to get your kid equipped with the top skills? Think again. Parents who do homeschooling prefer to use every resource they can avail from home through the internet. From free online courses to taking their kids on a field trip to visit hospitals and factories, these are simple options that don’t require a school to do for you. Following these options, hiring an online tutor is another option. Check out Superprof to find tutors who can help in fields of language, political science, and other domains under liberal arts. To make things interesting, you can help them design and play games on their own. This keeps the boredom away at home and improves engagement towards what they learn. The thing is, educational resources will move from schools and universities and are accessible within a few taps of your phone. So why stick with just schools?

Teach them to master digital tools

For every problem we face, the solution comes in the form of an app. So if your kid only indulges in Instagram, what are you doing as a parent? Using phones and laptops is not a Herculean task. Using them effectively is. “Every turned-off device is a turned-off child”. Stephen Heppell hits the nail in the coffin about the misery of computers in schools. Your kids love to text and scroll in their phones but help them use it to learn courses, code an online game, or interact with their tutors. In fact, BYOD (Bring your own Device) is an important aspect that schools are starting to adopt.

Equip them with industry-relevant skills

There is no point in introducing your kids to skills that will become extinct in a few years. Think like a laser beam, narrow and long. To start somewhere, focus on two things: problem-solving and social skills. You, the parent, should help your kids build them. Skills like Computer coding, coding a game and designing an app develop your kid’s ability to understand the problem and build the appropriate solution. Social skills are scarce. They are the least possible skills to be automated by robots. For your kid to be outstanding in their jobs, they need these skills now more than ever. Contrary to current belief, emotional competencies are preferred as the essential component for effective performance, according to Daniel Goleman in his book, Working with Emotional Intelligence. The ability to lead a team, work along with them, ask questions and create discussions with people, and having great emotional intelligence are essential assets for your kids.

Do not miss them out.

Let them learn themselves

Self-learning is key when it comes to learning the new-age skills of computer programming and building circuits. Let your kid unravel the answers themselves. Online forums and communities are a great place for them to interact and gain knowledge of things they are unaware of. So what do you do as a parent? Do not intervene. Overprotecting your kids to the point they won’t fail is a bad approach. If they get stuck in solving a math problem or building a basic science project, assist them with what can be done.

The Final Notes

Even after so many advancements happening, your kid can wiggle through it and become successful. They have the resources and the skills to bring out the best and contribute high value to society. Picking out the right skills for a glorious career needs supervision and as a parent, you have to guide and assist them to choose the right path for their careers.



EDVON offers coding, robotics, mental math and home tuition online 1:1 live classes for the kids ages 6-18.

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EDVON offers coding, robotics, mental math and home tuition online 1:1 live classes for the kids ages 6-18.